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Tips Every Windows User Should Know.

Computers are forever making our lives easier. In every version of Windows there are new shortcuts or features that most people are unaware of. Heres some Windows tips for you to try out. Snap The Window.Whilst holding the Windows key, press on one of the arrow keys. This will snap your active window to the edge of the screen. Password protect files. Download a program called 7-Zip. You will be able to select the files you would like to have password protected and compress them into one file. .

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Things to consider when buying a new Computer

Over the year’s computer prices have dramatically dropped. Price pressure & competition from major retailers keep driving down the prices. In some cases, this isn’t a problem, but unfortunately in a lot of cases it can cause headaches for the end user. Too often we get a call from a client telling us their computer is slow, we book it in for a check up and do what we can to speed things up. Unfortunately, the issue is not something that can be fixed. A computer can be slow for m.

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Windows 7 Users – Read This.

Windows 7 support is coming to an end. Released in July 2009, replacing Windows Vista, Windows 7 grew to be the most popular version of Windows ever. When Windows 8 was release, many people decided to stick with Windows 7, because 8 was too much of a change. Windows 8 dropped the ‘start button’ which caused outcry in the tech world. Does this mean your Windows 7 computer or laptop is useless? No. It just means that you will no longer get updates, security fixes or tech support after.

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Staying Safe on Facebook Sales Groups

Facebook is still one of the leading social media platforms, with new features being added daily it’s important to remember some of the real life ramifications when using social media. Today we’re focussing on online safety, particularly in Buy, Swap & Sell groups and Facebook Marketplace. Buy Swap & Sell groups are an insanely popular way to clear out unwanted items in your home, just as you want to sell an item, there are buyers lining up to buy them. Facebook has no real .

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Why You Should Claim Your Business on Google & Bing.

There are so many factors to running a business, finances, security, insurance, marketing, customer satisfaction, reviews, websites, the list goes on. One of the main things we see when dealing with businesses is the lack of control business have over their ‘online presence’ For example, do a Google search for your business. Do you own your business listing? Even worse, does someone else? Heres an example,             &nb.

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