Urgent: Bomb Threat E-Mail Scam

E-Mail scams have taken a nasty turn with scammers now sending bomb threats if a ransom demand is not met. For people not too familiar with e-mail scams, this threat could come as a real shock to the system provoking a very real emotional strain. In the emails we’ve seen, there have been ransom demands of up to $20,000USD to be paid in bitcoin. Failure to comply within the allotted timeframe will then cause the detonation of that bomb according to the e-mail. Authorities around the world .

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Cathay Pacific - 9 Million accounts compromised.

While we’re all going about our days mostly staying on the right side of the law, cyber criminals are working away to get whatever data they can to stay a step ahead of the game. Today we have information that 9 million Cathay Pacific accounts have been compromised by a computer hack. While there’s no ‘direct threat’ from this hack, there are concerns coming from it. It is believed that only a few valid credit card details were leaked and even then, they were not complete.

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Sextortion Ransom E-Mails

Over the last month, we’ve been inundated with messages, phone calls and E-mails about an old threat with new life. Sextortion. The E-Mail has a few variables which indicate that your computer has been infected with a virus or malware from the hacker that’s sending you an email directly. In some cases, it may also include a password you used on a LinkedIn in 2012. In 2012, 6.5 million LinkedIn account details were leaked and made available for purchase on the ‘dark web’. .

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Free e-waste pickup for Melton & Bacchus Marsh.

An astonishing 12.7 Million Tonnes of garbage is thrown out by Victorians every year. 4.2 million tonnes finds land fill, while 8.5 million tonnes makes it to recycling projects. 40,000 tonnes a year is attributed to tech waste. As the technology age continues to dominate our lives, more and more e-waste is being abandoned. The term E-Waste covers a range of items ranging from computers, laptops, whitegoods, phones, batteries tv’s and more. At Melton Computers, we take E-Waste seriously. .

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Boost your Laptops Performance.

We see time and time again people considering replacing a laptop because theirs has failed. In a lot of these cases a replacement laptop might not be the best choice. Sure, your laptop might be older technology or doesn’t look shiny any more, but replacing it instead of repairing it could cost you more money. We see it all the time, a client with a good spec laptop that’s a couple of years old considering a replacement because they can buy one for $499… Well, the laptop that i.

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