Tips Every Windows User Should Know.

Tips Every Windows User Should Know.

Computers are forever making our lives easier. In every version of Windows there are new shortcuts or features that most people are unaware of. Heres some Windows tips for you to try out.

Snap The Window.
Whilst holding the Windows key, press on one of the arrow keys. This will snap your active window to the edge of the screen.

Password protect files.
Download a program called 7-Zip. You will be able to select the files you would like to have password protected and compress them into one file. You will also have the ability to password protect the compressed file.

You find in word processors there is a handy undo button if you make a mistake. But did you know if you hold down CRTL & press Z you can use the undo feature in many other instances… including when you have accidently deleted files.

Snipping Tool
Capturing information from a screen can be extremely handy. If there is an item you would like to save, simply type snip into your search box and hit new. You can then use the tool to catch an image of whatever you like on the screen.

Close Any Program
When you are in any program and have it as your active program on screen, Holding ALT and pressing F4 will immediately close the program.

Zoom In / Out
When browsing the internet you have hold the CTRL button along with ‘-‘ to reduce the text size (Zoom Out) and ‘+’ to increase the text size (Zoom In). At any time you can hit CTRL + 0 to snap back to 100% or ‘normal view’. You can also hold the CTRL button and use your mouse wheel to zoom in & out.

Renaming Files
The most common way to rename files is to select your file, right click on it and move the cursor to rename. But did you know you can select your file and simply press F2 to rename files?

Lock Windows Quickly.
Press Windows Key & the L key to simply ‘lock’ your device. This will lock your Windows to the login screen.