Microsoft Office Alternatives

Microsoft Office Alternatives

Over the years Microsoft has done an amazing job ensuring their Office package is the industry standard.  From the days of Windows 3.1 right through to Windows 11, Microsoft have relentlessly conditioned us to believe that their office package is the best. 

So it got us thinking, What else is out there? Are there alternatives to Microsoft Office? 

You bet there is. 

LibreOffice & Open Office 

LibreOffice and OpenOffice are both stand alone software completely free for users. Both will open and modify Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets and presentations. 

LibreOffice and OpenOffice look and feel like the Microsoft package with many of the same features and abilities. It’s just a matter of installing the package you want and getting used to a few little changes that each software has in comparison. 

Google Suite

Sign up for a Google account and you will automatically have access to the Google Suite. A cloud based solution for making and modifying documents and spreadsheets. 

Your files will be saved within your Google Cloud making them accessible from any device you sign in to. You have the ability to share your files & documents with others and even have the ability to collaborate on a document with someone else at the same time. 

You can even sign up your business email to operate through gmail making Google a complete solution. 


Speaking of e-mail, Microsoft Outlook has always been a market leader in email solutions. Are there alternatives? Of course there is. 

Thunderbird is made by Mozilla, (The same company that makes Firefox). It too has many of the features you will find in Microsoft Outlook. 

Thunderbird is a much nicer and much more powerful option that Windows Mail that ships with Windows 10/11. It does come with one drawback. 

It looks dated. It has a much closer feeling to Outlook 97 rather than Outlook 365. Some would say that’s a good thing. 

The best part about the above solutions is the price… Free… Nada, Zero. Better than paying Microsoft $99 a year hey? 

If you would like us to set up an alternative for you, please get in touch with the team on 1800 234 124.