Things to consider when buying a new Computer

Things to consider when buying a new Computer

Things to consider when buying a new Computer

Over the year’s computer prices have dramatically dropped. Price pressure & competition from major retailers keep driving down the prices. In some cases, this isn’t a problem, but unfortunately in a lot of cases it can cause headaches for the end user. Too often we get a call from a client telling us their computer is slow, we book it in for a check up and do what we can to speed things up. Unfortunately, the issue is not something that can be fixed.

A computer can be slow for many reasons, Viruses, Malware, Corruptions are all too common. But now, with the added price pressure of major retailer competition, theres a new reason a computer is slow… A poor purchasing decision.

So many people are unaware of the difference between a $400 computer and a $4,000 computer. They look the same, but all the internal components are different. Many don’t have the foggiest idea what any of it means, so they buy on price.

I used to work for two major retailers. I wont name them, I’ll simply refer to them as Retailer One and Retailer Two. Retailer One trained staff to ‘solution sell’, ask questions, to make sure the purchase was fit for purpose, while Retailer Two sold purely on price, price promise and had a ‘churn & burn’ mentality.

So… What should you consider when buying a new computer or laptop?

It’s intended purpose.
You don’t want to buy a $400 computer if you plan on playing games, editing video or editing photos. If you’re the type of person that has 700 tabs open, then a $400 computer is NOT for you. A $400 computer is primarily used as a word processor or ‘light’ internet use. Don’t expect it to be quick.

 Windows or Mac
Both have their merits; this is one of the easier decisions you will make when purchasing a computer. You either like Mac or you don’t. Apple products are notoriously more expensive to buy & repair. You get far less control over your computer than you do with Windows. With that said however, the operating system on a Mac is considered more user friendly.

Decide whether you need A desktop or laptop.
Both have their advantages, A laptop is portable, takes up very little room and can follow you to the couch or to the coffee shop if required. They so allow you to plug in a monitor, keyboard & mouse making it a ‘portable’ desktop as well. A desktop might be a better option if you plan to use the computer for heavy work such as editing or gaming or tend to leave the system on 24/7. A desktop computer is easier and cheaper to repair or upgrade.

Memory / RAM
10 years ago, if you brought a computer with 4GB or ram you were buying the bees knees. You had a system with memory to burn, now though… 4GB is considered low. 8GB is now considered the minimum requirement. If you’re a heavy user (games/editing or like having many things open), you might even consider 16gb … or more.

Storage Technology
Technology must evolve. Computers are getting faster, smaller, more energy efficient and more reliable. Enter SSD. Solid State Drives are all of the above, they are much faster than traditional hard drives and have no moving parts. In some cases, replacing a Hard Drive in an old computer is the perfect solution to not needing to buy a new computer.

You may think a graphics card isn’t too important if you’re not playing games. Not entirely. A good graphics card will free up other system resources, so your computer is faster. With an inbuilt graphics card, your computer resources are shared taking performance away from the rest of your machine.

Most computers will come pre-loaded with an operating system, Windows, MacOS are the most popular. There are other programs to consider though. Anti-Virus, Word Processing, E-Mail Client, the list goes on. Make sure you budget for everything you may need.

Melton Computers can assist you with your next computer purchase. Laptop or Desktop, we can work out what is right for you & help you make an informed purchasing decision. We can set you up at your home or business and transfer all your data from your old computer to your new one. When we’re done, we can even safely recycle your old computer responsibly. Give us a call to arrange an appointment. 1800 234 124.

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