Why You Should Claim Your Business on Google & Bing.

Why You Should Claim Your Business on Google & Bing.

Why You Should Claim Your Business on Google & Bing.

There are so many factors to running a business, finances, security, insurance, marketing, customer satisfaction, reviews, websites, the list goes on. One of the main things we see when dealing with businesses is the lack of control business have over their ‘online presence’

For example, do a Google search for your business. Do you own your business listing? Even worse, does someone else?

Heres an example,

                My Sister runs a Melton based business. Her business name is extremely close to at least tow other businesses in Australia (one of which is in Victoria). When you do a Google search for her business, it shows the other two similar names as well. It goes both ways; she often gets calls intended for her similarly named counterpart. If my Sister allows someone else to ‘hijack’ her listing on Google, she could potentially lose clientele. Not acceptable right?

Taking control of your business listings on sites such as Google, Bing, Facebook etc is extremely important for your business. Here’s why.


When you take control of your listing, you will be able to control the content seen by the public. When these companies create pages on your behalf, they ‘scrape’ data from wherever they can. This sometimes leads to incorrect information which could damage your business.


Your business has an image to uphold. You put in tireless hours ensuring your clients are happy, why not show them you take your business seriously by making sure each listing related to your business is of the highest quality.

Lead generation.

When you show pride in the small things, people see it. Take the time to create a nice website, a clean business listing, an interactive Facebook page and your businesses online footprint will be a lead generating machine.


When you take the time to correctly fill out a business listing on any top 10 sites, your trust values increase not only to the client you’re trying to attract, but also to search engines such as Google & Bing. When the major search engines trust you & your business, they reward you with higher rankings in search results, generating more leads.

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