Track Visitors to your Website & Earn More.

Track Visitors to your Website & Earn More.

Track Visitors to your Website & Earn More.

If you have made it to this page, you’re probably looking into running a website for business. You’re probably looking into analytics, SEO, hosting and everything else to do with running a successful website. Over the last 5 years, I have made a point of asking our business clients if they are in fact running analytics on their webpages. I must tell you now, around 50% of the people I spoke with said no, with a further 50% of these people not even knowing what analytics do.

Running analytics on a website is imperative for business. It is a great way to find out many important details about your website including number of visitors, which pages are being used the most, how they got to your page and how long they’ve been on your page for.

Whilst questioning one of our clients about their website, we were able to ascertain they spend in excess of $500 per month on SEO to boost their page rankings in Google, but they were not tracking whether it was working or not. “We figure it can’t hurt” was the crazy replay I got when I asked, why? Without hesitation, we installed Clicky analytics on their site and let it collect data over the next month. It turns out that their financial broker website gets on average 200 hits per day, of those 200 hits only 2% were turning into a genuine lead. They were getting the clients to the site, but they were not closing the lead. What a waste. We immediately changed a couple of key aspects to the website to improve its hit rate for leads. We installed a couple more call to action buttons and installed live chat. Within two months, their leads increased by 500%. That’s right, from 12 leads a month to 60 leads a month average. Now, the client has halved their SEO budget and they’re still getting more leads than they were before. The client has saved money on SEO and is closing more loans due to having more qualified quality leads.

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