Social Media Mistakes to Avoid for your Business Page.

Social Media Mistakes to Avoid for your Business Page.

Social Media Mistakes to Avoid for your Business Page.

It’s a jungle out there. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, Pintrest, Google+ LinkedIn are all places your business should show up. It’s a difficult to keep up. How many of these platforms is your business on?

Marketing your business doesn’t have to be that difficult, in fact your business can grow a following rapidly if done correctly. The challenge of course with a social media platform is getting it right. One wrong move and you could be running damage control.

So… What are the top mistakes?

  1. Having no social media at all.
    If your business doesn’t have a social media presence, you’re losing leads. Internet leads are just as important as leads coming in the front door.
  2. Many businesses run multiple social media campaigns.
    Getting themselves on too many social platforms can work against you. The inability to keep up high quality posts reduces your trust to your target client.
  3. Buying Likes & followers.
    Having thousands of likes or subscribers may seem like the dream, but in fact, buying likes  followers will result in no return on your investment. When you look at your social medias stats, buying fake likes will result in skewed results and not give you a real picture of your social presence.
  4. Oversharing Post & Pages
    Oversharing your posts can result in the reduction of likers on your pages. While it is important to get your posts out there, oversharing can show desperation.
  5. Neglecting your page.
    If you run a social page for your business, it’s important that you are actively socializing with your potential clients. Replying to messages or comments on the page show a willingness to be direct & open about your business, therefore building trust.


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