Does Social Media Matter for Business?

Does Social Media Matter for Business?

Does Social Media Matter for Business?

In the last 10 years, social media has changed the way the people use the internet. More people are using the internet than ever and social media is a major reason for that. Social media has been the target of good and bad news stories over the years and some people are simply reluctant to step into the new world. We believe however that every business should have some form of social media.

So Why do we think social media is important for your business?

Direct Contact

It’s a direct line to your clients. Social media allows business to engage directly with their customers in a moments notice. It’s now faster and easier than it’s ever been to engage your customers or update them within seconds.


It’s now even easier to find like minded people, business partners and clients online. Having social media accounts allows you to engage with others about your product, service or your own personal beliefs. Building business partnerships has never been easier.


Having a social media presence make you more visible. If you have a business that could do with more work, having a social media plan is a great way to engage new and repeat business.

Increase Website Traffic.

We see so many businesses giving away free information on social media, we love it. Giving people free information make you more trustworthy and more likely to get a click through to your website. More website traffic, means more leads right? Spending all that time and money on SEO is one way… this is another feather in the cap.


Having great feedback and reviews is imperative to any business. If your business thrives on referrals, then you simply must have a social media plan. You will be amazed how many people will call you as say, ‘you had the best reviews on platform x’. If you have the kind of business that thrives on quality of product or service, then having a social media page will allow others to share that experience.


Look at all the big companies, Chevrolet, McDonald’s, Intel, Ford, etc.. They all have social media teams that actively promote their products. They also have TV ads, Radio Ads, memorable slogans, logos and jingles that people remember.


Using your website to get leads is only one way to get the leads your business needs to survive. Depending on your email host, a lead coming via a contact form could take hours. A lot of our onsite work is setting people up with email on their phones because they ‘haven’t done it yet’ or ‘don’t know how’. Having a message come through a social media account means the notification comes through to your phone immediately. You can have a conversation on the spot with a potential client, where as emailing can take a lot longer. You will also not be surprised that your potential client will respond to messages faster than emails too as social media apps give live notifications of message requests.

So what are you waiting for? Jump online and get y our business pumping. Be careful not to post something that will turn your customers away & don’t make every post a sales post. Know your target market, mix your page up with what your target clients want.


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