Apple ID - Phishing E-Mail

Apple ID - Phishing E-Mail

Apple ID - Phishing E-Mail

Every day I wake to find at least two email sitting in my inbox declaring my Apple ID has been locked for security reasons. The E-Mail continues to ask me to login to my Apple Account to confirm my Apple ID and payment details.

The email contains a link looks legitimate enough to encourage a click, but if you hover over the link you will see that it’s not pointing to an Apple site. The example I am looking at is a tinyurl link.

In other e-mails we’ve seen, a link simply says ‘Verify Now’ with a link to a bogus website.

When you receive e-mails such as this one, it’s always a good idea to look at who sent the email. Often the email address is from a site not associated with the ‘company’ the scammers are trying to mimic. In some cases it may have the company name in the email address, but it’s not from that company, e.g.. the e-mail attempt I’m looking right now says it’s from ‘supportt-manage@apple-email.com’ clearly an attempt to look legitimate.

If you think your Apple-ID is compromised, we recommend you login to your Apple Account by going to https://apple.id.com. We also recommend the use of two-factor identification.

E-Mail scams are a growing worry for computer users. Online fraud it at its highest level ever and shows no signs of slowing down. It’s up to the end user to ensure they are vigilant when opening emails.

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