Cathay Pacific - 9 Million accounts compromised.

Cathay Pacific - 9 Million accounts compromised.

Cathay Pacific - 9 Million accounts compromised.

While we’re all going about our days mostly staying on the right side of the law, cyber criminals are working away to get whatever data they can to stay a step ahead of the game. Today we have information that 9 million Cathay Pacific accounts have been compromised by a computer hack. While there’s no ‘direct threat’ from this hack, there are concerns coming from it. It is believed that only a few valid credit card details were leaked and even then, they were not complete.

The information gathered by this hack can be considered dangerous if a cyber criminal uses the information gained to launch targeted attacks. Cathay Pacific have confirmed that names, addresses, nationalities, passport numbers, email addresses and phone numbers are all part of the leak. This means criminals have quite a bit of detail about the 9 million victims that can be used in other forms of cyber crime such as ransom attacks, phishing attacks or identity theft.

What does this mean for you?
There’s no way to actively stop this kind of thing happening. Best practice is for you to be extremely careful. We’d remind all our clients to take extra care when opening any e-mail claiming to be from Cathay Pacific and to NOT hand over any money to Cathay Pacific unless you’ve called them directly. Be careful of any emails claiming to be from Cathay as the hack did put email accounts, passport numbers & client names in jeopardy. Like any e-mail or unsolicited phone call, if you’re not sure, seek clarification.

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