Free e-waste pickup for Melton & Bacchus Marsh.

Free e-waste pickup for Melton & Bacchus Marsh.

Free e-waste pickup for Melton & Bacchus Marsh.

An astonishing 12.7 Million Tonnes of garbage is thrown out by Victorians every year. 4.2 million tonnes finds land fill, while 8.5 million tonnes makes it to recycling projects. 40,000 tonnes a year is attributed to tech waste. As the technology age continues to dominate our lives, more and more e-waste is being abandoned. The term E-Waste covers a range of items ranging from computers, laptops, whitegoods, phones, batteries tv’s and more.

At Melton Computers, we take E-Waste seriously. We offer a free removal of unwanted laptops and computers, tablets & phones that you no longer require. In some cases, we find that unused or outdated computers are being cast aside upon upgrade. Many finding their way into landfill or recycling plants. Melton Computers takes e-waste seriously, when we come across unwanted or discarded tech, we always check its viability for use again. There are many people who need access to cheap computers that can be resurrected when deemed surplus to requirements. Giving a computer or laptop a new home can be more beneficial than sending it for recycling.

Why Recycle Tech?

  • Some computer parts can be toxic for the environment, eg: lithium, arsenic, lead, mercury.
  • Lithium Batteries contain Lithium & Cobalt which can be recovered.
  • Nickel batteries contain cadmium which can be recovered.
  • Plastics from computers, laptops & TV’s can be melted & re-used.
  • Circuit boards hold precious metals such as gold, silver & copper.
  • Older screens (CRT) contain glass & lead that can be reused.
  • 90% of computers & laptops components can be recycled.
  • E-waste is the fasted growing waste stream in the world.
  • Globally 50 million tonnes per year is considered e-waste.
  • Melton Computers can retrieve data before we take it away for recycling. (PC’s & Laptops)
  • Melton Computers can recover some computers into a working state again. Reducing the cost of recycling and putting unwanted tech into the hands of those that can’t afford it new.

If you would like to have your unwanted or unused computer or laptop picked up for recycling, please let us know. We'll come to you. Melton Computers - 1800 234 124. 

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