Boost your Laptops Performance.

Boost your Laptops Performance.

Boost your Laptops Performance.

We see time and time again people considering replacing a laptop because theirs has failed. In a lot of these cases a replacement laptop might not be the best choice. Sure, your laptop might be older technology or doesn’t look shiny any more, but replacing it instead of repairing it could cost you more money. We see it all the time, a client with a good spec laptop that’s a couple of years old considering a replacement because they can buy one for $499… Well, the laptop that is about to be replaced could outperform the new one you’re about to buy…

One of the most common repairs we see through our doors are hard drive failures. Laptops are designed to be moved around and take a little bit of punishment, but it seems the common weak point is the hard drive. A failing hard drive can not only cause you data loss, but it can grind your computer to a halt, causing you to think the computer is slow. We regularly explain to clients that when a drive fails, a hard drive replacement could increase their computers speed again and in 90% of cases, it does. But… What if we take it a step further? SSD.

A Solid-State Drive (or SSD) doesn’t have the same reliability issues that a spinning hard drive has because they don’t rely on moving parts. This makes them not only more reliable, but much MUCH faster. An entry level SSD can write up to 20 times faster than a traditional spinning hard drive making SSD the most cost-effective way to increase PC or laptop performance.

Here’s what some of our customers say about SSD.
“I had my hard drive replaced with an SSD and am more than happy with the increased speed .... Thanks Nathan” – Ina

“I highly recommend Nathan for any of your computer needs, he managed to recover all the data off my cooked hard drive and replaced it with solid state drive, my laptop has never worked better thanks heaps” – Trent

“Had my slow pc upgraded by Nathan. He Fixed it all up and now running heaps better and quicker. Highly recommended.” – Matt (SSD Upgrade)

So, if you’d like a speed increase on your laptop or computer without resorting to a full replacement, let us know. Before we do any SSD upgrade, we check a computers health to ensure money isn’t being spent on a computer that should be replaced. Give us a call today on 1800 234 124.

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