5 Signs that you need to update your computer

5 Signs that you need to update your computer

5 Signs that you need to update your computer

Every business has its own unique requirements. With technology constantly evolving, its important that your business keeps up. Here’s some signs that suggest you may need to upgrade your computer or laptop.

When a computer breaks down in a business, it costs around $60 per hour in lost productivity. According to a Telstra report, a computer over 4 years old will break down 1.5x more than a newer model and a massive 42 hours per year. If it’s a hard dive that fails, there’s also a potential loss of data to consider.

Slow Computer
When you factor in that a broken computer costs $60 in lost productivity per hour, what does it cost if the computer is running 25% slower than it should be? Ask yourself, how often your waiting for your computer & not the other way around.

Obsolete Software
Not so long ago, major companies were crippled by a ransomware attack that was rolled out to target Windows XP & Windows 7 computers. Running the latest software is the best way to stay safe online & keep your business running efficiently.

Staff complaining
If your staff are complaining of breakdowns, slow computers, think about how that’s affecting their mood. When staff are spending time trying to fix issues or waiting on their computer, its costing your business money.

Running out of Hard Drive space.
Upgrading a computer hard drive is an easy enough prospect, some would argue, if you’re filling a computer hard drive is the rest of the computer fit for purpose?

Updating or replacing your existing computer could not only help you reduce your taxable income through tax time, it could assist in starting the new financial year much more efficient that you are now. If you’d like to have us look over your business tech, give us a call for an obligation free assessment. We’ll come to you and help you sort through the myriad of tech offers out there.

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