Second Hand Laptops Available

Second Hand Laptops Available

Second Hand Laptops Available

Computers and laptops can be an expensive investment for work or school. As technology is becoming more and more of a necessity in todays world, we’re seeing computers & laptops being used more than ever. 2016 census data reveals that 83.2% of homes in Australia have an internet connection meaning technology is in use in 83.2% of homes. News.com.au reveals the average home has 8 internet connected devices. As a result of this, phones, laptops, computers and TV’s are regularly sold, upgraded or discarded.

Not everyone can afford or needs to spend money on a new computer. Refurbished or second hand laptops are a regular staple of a good computer service business. Western Tech Solutions, is no different on that front. We are however very particular about the computers we collect and resell. We test each unit thoroughly and back them with a three month warranty. If we install new components, we’ll back that part with manufacturer’s warranty.

Buying a second hand computer doesn’t come without risk. Untested computers or laptops may seem like a good buy at the time, but that sometimes means more issues. For this reason, we suggest buying second hand computers & laptops from a reputable business.

Sometimes upgrading an older computer can be a cheaper option than buying it new. For example, a new laptop valued at $600 could be out preformed and more expensive than a well maintained, upgraded second hand laptop. For example, Western Tech Solutions can provide a refurbished second hand laptop with an i7 processor and a high speed SSD drive for under $500. This would easily out perform a laptop brand new in a box for the same price.

If you would like to buy a refurbished or second hand laptop from Western Tech Solutions, let us know. Our stock constantly changes so get in touch to see what we have in stock. Call us on 1800 234 124. We are happy to ship laptops to anywhere in Australia. We can deliver it personally in Ballarat, Ballan, Bacchus Marsh, Melton or Daylesford areas.

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