Upgrade Laptop Storage & Speed!

Upgrade Laptop Storage & Speed!

Upgrade Laptop Storage & Speed!

It’s widely thought that a laptop isn’t an upgradable item. We’d like to start immediately with telling you that’s not true. Western Tech Solutions has upgraded quite a few laptops in the Ballarat area and today, we’ll explain some of our favourite laptop upgrades. Laptop computers are typically very limited in physical space, throwing all that technology into a small plastic case can come at a cost for other upgrades typically reserved for desktop computers. We often see clients that have run out of storage space on their computer, of course it’s easy to buy external drives or USB sticks, but that can get annoying when you go to work having left the external drive or USB stick at home. We can upgrade the hard drive in your computer or, if your laptop has an internal CD/DVD drive, we can take that out and replace it with a second hard drive.

Here’s four scenarios to fit this laptop upgrade. 

  1.  Leave the existing hard disk in the computer and put in a slave drive in for data storage. This could allow a storage upgrade of up to 4TB.
  2. Install an SSD drive, reload Windows on the SSD an enjoy a massive boost in speed. We’ll then use your current drive as a slave drive for more space. We can fit high speed SSD drives with up to 1TB of storage.
  3. The Storage King. We can take out the existing hard drive, throw it into a case so you can have it back as an external drive. We’ll then load your laptop with two 4TB drives totalling a massive 8TB storage capacity in your laptop.
  4. The Speed & the Storage solution. Like before we’ll take out the existing drive, and throw in a hard drive up to 4TB. The difference this time, is that we’ll throw in an SSD boot drive. You will get the massive speed increase of SSD and the massive increase of storage space with up to a 4TB hard drive, giving you a total of up to 5TB!

We knew you’d be impressed. Melton Computers has your onsite laptop and desktop computer repairs & upgrades covered. Give us a call on 1800 234 124 and we’ll come to you within 50km of Melton. We will travel further upon request.

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