Ransomware An Unknown in Business.

Ransomware An Unknown in Business.

Ransomware An Unknown in Business.

A post by AVG Security suggest that one third of small businesses are clueless about the risks presented by ransomware. Ransomware is one of the fastest growing Internet threats today and the lack of understanding is a worrying sign.

In June, AVG surveyed businesses to get a better understanding of ransomware in business. Out of the respondents 381 small to medium businesses representatives had heard the term ‘ransomware’ representing 68%. While this may look good, it shows that nearly one third are completely oblivious to the threats. Many of the respondants that had heard the term, had no idea what it meant. 

Ransomware is the general term used to describe how software can lock down computer files whilst displaying a ‘ransom’ message with a promise to unlock to files for payment, usually through bitcoin or other online currency. The thought of locking files in a home environment, would mean pictures & documents would be locked, whilst in a business environment it can have massive ramifications. Financial files, client details, e-mails invoices and more are at risk.

CNN reports that the FBI received 2,453 complaints about ransomware in 2016 resulting in $24 million worth of costs. Many companies pay the ransom as the files locked are so important. We at Melton Computrers do not suggest paying the ransom. The more people that pay the ransom fund the hackers to continue their malicious attacks. On top of that, there is no guarentee the payment will result in a good outcome. Instead, we recommend a pre-emptive strike and suggest the best course of action is to keep your computer and security programs completely up to date.

Don’t think you’re immune to these kinds of threats, we’ve recently seen clients in Ballarat, Bacchus Marsh, Melton, Caroline Springs & Daylesford fall victim to ransomware. If you would like to get a security check done on your home or business computers, call us on 1800 234 124.

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