Is ScanGuard Safe to Install?

Is ScanGuard Safe to Install?

Is ScanGuard Safe to Install?

What is ScanGuard? Is it Safe?

Many clients have asked us recently about ScanGuard. While it promises all the best scans available and does an excellent job at doing so, in our experience it’s bad news. We did an install on a test computer to see the result, and as suspected, ScanGuard installed its own Spyware / Malware.

ScanGuard should be considered a scam, whereby it installs junk in order to give you something to clean. It will scan our computer, find junk and then offer to remove it for a fee. If you have installed ScanGuard, we suggest immediately running a Malware Scan to remove the junk it has installed. Simply uninstalling it won’t make the malware disappear.

Is ScanGuard legitimate? Is ScanGuard Safe? Our short answer is No. Scan Guard is NOT a Microsoft gold partner as claimed, nor is it approved by McAfee or Norton.

If you have installed ScanGuard and would like it and associated junk removed. Let us know. We’ll come to you within 50km from Melton, including Ballan, Bacchus Marsh, Caroline Springs & Taylors Lakes. Give Melton Computers a call on 1800 234 134.

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