Common NBN technologies

Common NBN technologies

Common NBN technologies

The NBN has been a hot topic in Ballarat, Ballan, Bacchus Marsh & Melton now for over 3 years. Even with the NBN being available now for oer three and a half years, there are still many people who are not yet connected and many people with unanswered questions. Here, we'll cover the common types of NBN available.

Fire to the premises. (FTTP)
Parts of Ballarat, Bacchus Marsh & Melton have all been connected to the NBN via the fibre to the premises technology. Homes and businesses with fibre to the premises technology (if not already) will be required to make the switch from the outdated Telstra Copper line. In the past these areas had Internet delivered by a phone line, the NBN switches this around and now requires the NBN to deliver a phone line. The advantage of fibre to the premises is the speed. 100/40 is possible on FTTP. FTTP have a battery backup in the event of a power failure, the NBN still works. Find out more about NBN batteries here. 

Fibre to the Node (FTTN)
Ballan, Daylesford, Maddingley and Hepburn Springs will be receiving the NBN via the Fibre to the Node technology. FTTN is a cut price version of the rollout where the fibre is delivered to the Telstra Node and from there uses the existing copper technology. This limits the speed available in these areas to a maximum of 25/5. These areas are still required to change to the NBN before their cutoff

Fixed Wireless
Less dense areas around Melton, Ballarat, Ballan & Bacchus Marsh may have access to Fixed Wireless. Fixed wireless NBN clients are not in the position to have to make a choice about NBN providers. Premises in these areas do not need to commit to an NBN provider and can keep ADSL connections. There is no cutoff date for Fixed Wireless clients. Phone lines in these areas are not affected by the NBN rollout.

Fibre to the Basement. (FTTB)
Most likely found in large buildings such as shopping centres. FTTB will see a high speed fibre connection coming in to the communications rooms and filtering out to the end user from there. Examples of this include Business Centres, shopping centres, strip malls or apartment blocks.

If you would like to check what technology you’re eligible for, you can do so here. (www.mynbn.info) Melton Computers can assist with installs with a simple call to 1800 234 134. We come to you.

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