Facebook links not working the way you'd like?

Facebook links not working the way you'd like?

Facebook links not working the way you'd like?

Have you ever shared a link on your Facebook page only to find the ‘meta description’ isn’t correct or has a spelling error? Once Facebook has showed a ‘preview’ of your link, the error or unwanted details are stuck in the Facebook cache. Seemingly never to be changed to the way you’d like it. The idea behind Facebook caching all information is to make yours and others news feeds faster by pulling details from their own servers and not relying on servers they have no control over. 

Once Facebook has cached your link, it could take weeks or even months to have it re-cached. The good news however, there is a way to force Facebook to re-cache your link using the Facebook Facebook Debugger tool. The debugger tool is a wonderful way to clear the cache of your link, forcing Facebook to re-load the links content and update its own memory of your site.

So, how to you do it? Easy, Follow this link and enter your link.

If you have questions regarding your Facebook pages, let us know. We can help give your social media pages a boost. Melton Computers can come to you in the Melton, & Surrounding areas to discuss what’s right for you & your business. Give us a call on 1800 234 124 to arrange an onsite vist.

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