Internet Explorer Removed from Windows.

Internet Explorer Removed from Windows.

After 27 years of providing access to the Internet, Microsoft has pulled the plug on Internet Explorer.

It’s hardly a surprise though as Internet Explorer was hidden since the release of Windows 10., and was used by people that knew how to find it.

Since early versions of Windows 10, Microsoft’s preferred Internet browser has been Microsoft Edge, and with that the demise of Internet Explorer was just a matter of time.

What can you use instead of Internet Explorer?

Edge is what your Microsoft computer will come with pre-bundled as part of Windows 10 or Windows 11. Most computer users only use Edge long enough to download and install Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to use as their main browser. If you prefer something more private, you could try Brave, Iridium, or Opera.

Running outdated browsers is considered a security risk, as security flaws are constantly exploited by criminal hackers.

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