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Facebook Page Reach Plummets, Again.

For years now, Facebook has been a great ‘free’ way to advertise your business and connect with clients. When Facebook first started you could post something on your profile and it would be seen by almost all your connections. These days it’s a little different. Posts on Facebook are now reaching on average a shade over 8% of your pages likes unless there is interaction or boosting involved. This means on a page with 1000 likes, only 80 people are likely to see your post. Ouch..

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Upgrade Laptop Storage & Speed!

It’s widely thought that a laptop isn’t an upgradable item. We’d like to start immediately with telling you that’s not true. Western Tech Solutions has upgraded quite a few laptops in the Ballarat area and today, we’ll explain some of our favourite laptop upgrades. Laptop computers are typically very limited in physical space, throwing all that technology into a small plastic case can come at a cost for other upgrades typically reserved for desktop computers. We oft.

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Speed Up Your Laptop with SSD

Hard drives over the years have not only got larger, but also much faster. These days, you can find drives that have spinning motors of up to 7200 RPM, or more in some server drives can spin as fast as 15000 RPM. Speed isn’t the only improvement over the years, hard drives have not only got faster, they have also got a hell of a lot larger. I remember back in the early 90’s I was stoked as a 10-year-old to have a 20MB hard drive in my computer (Not 20GB, 20MB). When my father came h.

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AVG & AVAST Merge.

Since the early to mid 2000’s, AVG and AVAST have been market leaders when it comes to free Anti-virus programs. Having paid versions also, both companies have grown to large scale international recognition. Avast has announced the acquisition will cost up to $1.3 Billion. Avast will purchase all ordinary share of AVG for $25.00 each. With this acquisition, AVG will add technical depth to their range. It is believed that Avast software will benefit greatly with the technical merge offered.

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Ransomware An Unknown in Business.

A post by AVG Security suggest that one third of small businesses are clueless about the risks presented by ransomware. Ransomware is one of the fastest growing Internet threats today and the lack of understanding is a worrying sign. In June, AVG surveyed businesses to get a better understanding of ransomware in business. Out of the respondents 381 small to medium businesses representatives had heard the term ‘ransomware’ representing 68%. While this may look good, it shows that nea.

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