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Online Crime Stats - Why are you a target of online crime?

As part of our business, we do onsite computer repairs in our area. On one of our call outs, we were asked by an elderly gentleman “Why did they target me?”. I had to explain to him that scammers didn’t pick him specifically, & that he is a victim of a random attack possibly caused by a click or installation of software without his knowledge. The truth is that no-one is 100% immune to scams & dodgy internet practices. Older people are generally to worst affected by thes.

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How to spot a FAKE E-Mail

During our day to day business operations, we see a constant stream of people asking us If the e-mail they got is genuine. Cybercrime affects a staggering 18 people worldwide per second. A crazy 1.55 million people per day are targeted by cyber criminals. Whist we and many other companies suggest being vigilant with e-mail fraud, its seems the message just isn’t getting through. So lets look at some of the easiest ways to distinguish a real email from a fake. Spelling errors. Many comp.

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Does Social Media Matter for Business?

In the last 10 years, social media has changed the way the people use the internet. More people are using the internet than ever and social media is a major reason for that. Social media has been the target of good and bad news stories over the years and some people are simply reluctant to step into the new world. We believe however that every business should have some form of social media. So Why do we think social media is important for your business? Direct Contact It’s a direct line.

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Bogus Asic Renewal E-Mail Continues To Flood Inboxes.

Australian businesses are urged to take extra care when renewing their business name. ASIC sends business a renewal notices 30 days before the expiry and clever scammers have copied this email to promote clicks to their own fraudulent websites. When opening any email, you should always check the ‘from’ field. ASIC emails will come from asic.gov.au. Hover your mouse cursor over the link to check the link location. If is not a location ending with asic.gov.au then don’t click.

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Apple ID - Phishing E-Mail

Every day I wake to find at least two email sitting in my inbox declaring my Apple ID has been locked for security reasons. The E-Mail continues to ask me to login to my Apple Account to confirm my Apple ID and payment details.The email contains a link looks legitimate enough to encourage a click, but if you hover over the link you will see that it’s not pointing to an Apple site. The example I am looking at is a tinyurl link. In other e-mails we’ve seen, a link simply says ‘V.

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