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When we first started our computer repair business, we were based in Ballan & mainly serviced the Moorabool area. Fast forward 7 years and we’ve opened Melton Computers as well. With any new business, the job is to be seen and get your name out there. You need to be clear about your coverage area. So, here we go. Based in Melton, Melton Computers are available to service the following places by appointment. 3021- Albanvale, St Albans, Kings Park, Kelba,3022- Ardeer3023- Burnside, Car.

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Facebook Profile copied? - Here's What To Do.

We have seen many people copy a Facebook status suggesting that they have had a copied Facebook profile and not to accept a new friend request from them. Just recently we got a friend request from someone that had infact had a profile copied. I immediately recognised the profile picture and sent a message to the first profile. She told me straight away, that a few of her friends had a friend request from this fake account too. I thought I’d play along a little, so I accept the friend reque.

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Track Visitors to your Website & Earn More.

If you have made it to this page, you’re probably looking into running a website for business. You’re probably looking into analytics, SEO, hosting and everything else to do with running a successful website. Over the last 5 years, I have made a point of asking our business clients if they are in fact running analytics on their webpages. I must tell you now, around 50% of the people I spoke with said no, with a further 50% of these people not even knowing what analytics do. Running .

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Social Media Mistakes to Avoid for your Business Page.

It’s a jungle out there. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, Pintrest, Google+ LinkedIn are all places your business should show up. It’s a difficult to keep up. How many of these platforms is your business on? Marketing your business doesn’t have to be that difficult, in fact your business can grow a following rapidly if done correctly. The challenge of course with a social media platform is getting it right. One wrong move and you could be running damage control. .

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Your PayPal Account has been limited E-Mail.

Since Internet shopping became a ‘thing’, more and more people are falling victim to elaborate and some not so elaborate fraudulent attempts. The concerning part about this of course is they continue to hit our inboxes and people continue to fall for the tricks. Why else would fraudsters continue to do it? Recently, we’ve seen an increase in ‘Your Account has been Limited’ emails. This email comes from fraudsters pretending to be PayPal, informing you that your acc.

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