Are Facebook Groups going paid?

Running and maintaining a Facebook group can take a lot of time & effort. Now, Facebook have plans allow group owners to charge for access to their pages. These new ‘subscription groups’ will allow group owners to charge anywhere from $4.99 per month to $29.99 per month. While this may sound like a great idea for group owners to pull some funds back into their pockets for their hard-earned work, we believe it will be a difficult sell to group owners unless they have something you.

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5 Signs that you need to update your computer

Every business has its own unique requirements. With technology constantly evolving, its important that your business keeps up. Here’s some signs that suggest you may need to upgrade your computer or laptop. BreakdownsWhen a computer breaks down in a business, it costs around $60 per hour in lost productivity. According to a Telstra report, a computer over 4 years old will break down 1.5x more than a newer model and a massive 42 hours per year. If it’s a hard dive that fails, there&.

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Windows 10 - 1803 Major Update drops.

Microsoft has dropped a major update. (The 4th Major Update). Computers will now start the rollout of Windows 10 version 1803. This will mean multiple update attempts & popups for some users.This update is between 3GB & 4.7GB depending on your system, so if you’re on a metered or mobile connection you may need to source an alternative place to do the install.It’s also important to note that not all computers will be eligible for the update immediately. Microsoft will only ro.

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5 Common reasons your Computer or Laptop may be slow.

You have too many start-up programs. When you buy a new computer, it is normally as quick as will ever be without upgrades. Over time the computer will slow down with every new software package you install. Some examples might include anti-virus software or Microsoft Office. But, from there many other programs can be installed either knowingly or unknowingly. It’s these programs that can take valuable resources when your computer starts.You have a malware or virus infection.In the 80&rsquo.

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E-Sports, Whats all the fuss about?

Friday night, AFL round 1 and a footy commentator that clearly has absolutely no idea about e-sports made for an ‘interesting’ call during the Essendon VS Crows clash. Brian Taylor to his credit was probably asked to introduce the e-sports team, but his commentary wasn’t exactly respectful. Saturday morning comes around and we see a few posts on Bombers fan pages about e-sports & the lack of respect given by BT. Some of these comments were not exactly respectful either. So,.

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